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July 14th, 2005

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06:35 pm - News Update
A lot has happened and I have been a bit lapse in updating so here goes the last couple of weeks...

Firstly I attended "A night of Shakespeare"at the West yorkshire playhouse,with Holly and her friend{who`s name I have forgot}.
It was an enjoyable evening and the schools who performed were all very good.

Holly`s school performed a good version of "A midsummer nights dream"with wonderful special effects and lighting.

It was also interesting to finally meet Mansawe;Hollys friend who played a part in the play.

We won the olympic hostings which was good last week but slightly dapmped by the fact that London was bombed the following day;bombers who it turns out live no more then 10 miles from me!!!!!

I attended an informal gavering in Harrys new classroom;he will be in year one and his new teacher is called Mrs Crowver;they provided tea,coffee and scones.That later which I could not eat due to my diet.

My diet is going well this week,I aim to be back on target within a month;braking of course for my up coming birthday celebrations.

That all my news for the time being,hope everyone is well.
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News Update - Cian Dryad

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